5 Top Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Kitchen splashbacks were once thought to only serve functional purposes, but now they can add great aesthetic value. Not only can they bring splashes of colour into your home, but they can also help prevent cooking stains and water damage to keep it looking its best!

Patterned splashbacks work beautifully with many kitchen designs. Warmer undertones work best with boho or Scandi aesthetics, while herringbone prints make for an effective rustic-style kitchen. Long tiles help visually elongate walls, while glossy ones will reflect light through your space.

Brown kitchen splashback with kettle on the stove

Subway Tile

The backsplash of a kitchen is its centrepiece and an opportunity to express oneself artistically. A timeless choice in subway tile has long been used as the preferred material, complementing virtually every design aesthetic and being around for over 100 years now.

Modern kitchens often opt for linear shelving as an eye-catching and adaptable feature, pairing it with sleek countertops and minimalist cabinetry for an aesthetically pleasing result. Jen of Effortless Chic took this idea one step further by installing an island back panel tiled to match her backsplash—an innovative twist.

Subway tiles come in a wide range of styles: simple white porcelain slabs can create a subtle backdrop, or they can be customised to stand out with intricate patterns like Construction2Style’s chevron pattern for an eye-catching backsplash. Don’t be intimidated to try something outside the traditional rectangle, like Janis Nicolay’s herringbone backsplash in this country kitchen!

Patterned Tile

Patterned tiles can add an eye-catching splash of colour and personality to any kitchen, like this modern Scandi kitchen featuring white herringbone tiles with geometric patterns for an eye-catching feature above the sink and stove. Or try crocodile bamboo quartzite for a contemporary aesthetic with personality!

Mirrored splashbacks can make small kitchens appear larger by reflecting light. Glazed tiles with no reflective sheen also work great and bring a lighthearted warmth to your space.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider using leftover floor tiles as your kitchen splashbacks. Not only will this cut costs, but it will also ensure consistency between benchtops and floors.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tiles provide endless design options for adding character and uniqueness to your kitchen. From subtle accents to dramatic splashbacks, there is sure to be a mosaic tile solution suitable for every style of kitchen!

Mosaic kitchen splashbacks can be constructed using various materials such as stone, pebbles, and glass tiles, offering endless colour and pattern possibilities to meet your design goals.

Mosaic backsplashes can brighten and open up your kitchen space by reflecting light. For an elegant modern aesthetic, opt for our Yubi Cloud Gloss Finger Mosaic or select our Maku Deco Light matte tile option to create more organic designs in your space.

Printed Splashbacks

Making use of cutting-edge glass kitchen splashback printing technology, you can now have an exquisite feature wall. Customise it to suit any room with photos you love for an instant work of art in any room in just minutes!

If simplicity is what speaks to you, a light gloss splashback could be just what’s needed to complement your paint job on walls and add light reflection throughout your space. @dustsheetsanddecor has created this stunning herringbone splashback from dustsheets and decor to match their painted walls perfectly while helping spread illumination throughout.

For a luxurious finish, pair your splashback and work surface. This pairing works particularly well when used with real or faux marble designs, creating a cohesive kitchen design and making an impressionful statement about you and your kitchen design!

LED Lighting

LED lighting can add both ambience and functionality to your kitchen with its discreet glow, creating a welcoming cooking and prep space without breaking the bank. By attaching strips under wall cabinets, this lighting solution creates subtle illumination without going over budget.

Mirrored splashbacks are one of the latest kitchen trends, perfect for creating an eye-catching splashback that draws the eye. Perfect for smaller spaces, their reflective surface reflects light and adds brightness to the room.

If you want something simple yet stylish for your splashback, consider opting for frosted glass that allows natural light into the room below. This works especially well when placed behind a sink or stove to fill it with sunshine and allows a fixed window behind a sink or stove to provide ample sunlight. Furthermore, Frosted glass allows you to display artwork underneath as an interesting alternative to traditional kitchen splashbacks.